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Overdressed Sportswear

Disclaimer: It’s currently gone 11pm and I’m exhausted. However, because I love you guys and love my style, I’m determined to share this outfit with you. So I may have fallen for the sports luxe trend. However, I definitely fell for it after it stopped being catwalk worthy. Does that make me a trend follower… Read More

A Desperate Exhibitionist?

Most girls in this stage are desperate exhibitionists and deeply competitive. Their individuality must be protected at all costs… Bartley, L., Luella’s Guide to English Style, HarperCollins Publishers (2010), p.28 Thus one of the top names in British fashion describes the English girl in her 20s, as she discovers herself outside of education and parental… Read More

Black and Tan (with a touch of stripe)

Skirt: British Red Cross || Top: Marks&Spencer || Cardigan: HandmedownScarf: Streets of Bath || Tights: Can’t remember || Shoes: Doc MartensEarrings and Necklace: Gift I’m now two weeks into my new job and being able to choose what I wear everyday still hasn’t lost its novelty. So here is another outfit from my expanding and experimental… Read More

First Day

Style Notes|| Scarf: Gift | Top: British Heart Foundation | Skirt: British Red Cross | Shoes: Next | Tights: New Look If you hadn’t guessed from the various “hints” I’ve been dropping, I have joined the office world. I’ve just started a new job working in information mangement (admin on computers though blogging/social media also… Read More