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Chilling in Suffolk

Slogan t-shirts and slouch boots. They just scream chilled out weekends designed for wandering around town. This particular weekend was spent at my grandparents in Suffolk- hence the change in scenery- so was a great chance to just unwind and leave the stresses of my everyday life behind. However, spending time with my grandparents also… Read More

5 Things That Make You Happy…

This summer has been a little of a roller coaster for me, from being banned from computers through to a confusing ‘not-quite-there-relationship’. Though not working at all in July and two weeks at the Keswick Convention was wonderful, I did miss keeping you guys up to date on all things CounterCultural.CounterCouture. So to make up… Read More

Pylons, Studs and Byways

Hands up if you love the countryside! Hands up if you love the city! And now hands up if you love both! Yeah, both hands up over here too! For a girl who has been brought up in distinctly rural areas, I have a big soft spot for hedgerows filled with various grasses and trees.… Read More

Overdressed Sportswear

Disclaimer: It’s currently gone 11pm and I’m exhausted. However, because I love you guys and love my style, I’m determined to share this outfit with you. So I may have fallen for the sports luxe trend. However, I definitely fell for it after it stopped being catwalk worthy. Does that make me a trend follower… Read More

Hey there Sailor!

| Dress: British Red Cross || Jacket: Wessex MS Therapy || Bag: New Look || Shoes: F&F |    Since starting a job that does not come with a set wardrobe, I have fallen in love with dresses. I would love to pretend that this is to do with developing an effortless style that I… Read More