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The Colour of Blood… Oranges

The other week, I discovered that Waitrose had a three for £6 offer on big bottles of blood orange juice. Consequently, I swept up three bottles and proceeded to drink very little else for a while. Yes, I love the sharp-sweetness of blood orange juice to the point of obsession at times. Therefore, it would… Read More

#6ItemsChallenge || Week 3

This week I want to zone in on one item in my scarf collection that I know is fairtrade. My kikoi comes from Coral Quay in Bath but was originally from Kenya. Traditionally worn by men, they are a long, wide length of brightly patterned cloth that is worn wrapped around the waist and legs.… Read More

#6ItemsChallenge || Week 2

Style notes || Aqua top: Amazon, Black jumper: John Lewis, skirt and jeans: British Red Cross, beige pashmina: craft fair, neckerchief: Grandma Main, shawl: Grandma Jenny, rainbow scarf: Toybox, orange pashmina: market stall in Bath We’re almost at the end of week 3 but I wanted to share with you my outfits from the week… Read More

Am I eccentric or just a poser?

| Bowler hat: Gift from my sister || Coat: Gift from Anna || Snood: Old Christmas present || Jeans: Dorothy Perkins || Trainers: British Red Cross || Top: Oasis || Shrug: Handmedown || Necklace: Gift || Earrings: New Look | I love hats! But not your normal run of the mill wooly beanie, often accompanied… Read More