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Cumbria Flood Appeal 2015

In 2014 I wrote two posts about my favourite two weeks of the summer. Each year I visit Keswick in the Lake District for the Christian convention held there. Having been fourteen times, Keswick is my family’s home from home and we are incredibly attached to the town. So when we saw on the news… Read More

5 Places That Make You Happy

As it is always fun to spread a little joy, I thought I would share with you another “5 _____ That Make You Happy”. This time round I’m going to be focusing on the more specific theme of places, because everyone has that special place that they return to over and over again. Ely Cathedral… Read More

Really? My week as a conventioneer

Spending time in the Lake District is one of the best things that, in my opinion, one can do for the old trio of mind, body and soul. And no, I’m not moving into the circles of New-Age thinking- sorry for any offence, unsure what else to call it- but just think about it. You… Read More

What I wore walking around Whinlatter

View from the first viewing platform at the Whinlatter Osprey Reserve Centre.   If you hadn’t noticed the recurring theme over the last month or so of the Keswick Convention, I’m a regular conventioneer and adorer of the Lake District’s beautiful landscape. I had intended to shoot more than one outfit but time, commitments and… Read More