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Oversized Cocoons and Hidden Wrist Braces

You may have seen my outfit from spending a Saturday relaxing with my grandparents. The Sunday was a little less relaxing as were off to Cambridge for church and lunch but I still found time to take a few photos to share. I haven’t been wearing my oversized cocoon jacket as much recently but I… Read More

The Colour of Blood… Oranges

The other week, I discovered that Waitrose had a three for £6 offer on big bottles of blood orange juice. Consequently, I swept up three bottles and proceeded to drink very little else for a while. Yes, I love the sharp-sweetness of blood orange juice to the point of obsession at times. Therefore, it would… Read More

A Desperate Exhibitionist?

Most girls in this stage are desperate exhibitionists and deeply competitive. Their individuality must be protected at all costs… Bartley, L., Luella’s Guide to English Style, HarperCollins Publishers (2010), p.28 Thus one of the top names in British fashion describes the English girl in her 20s, as she discovers herself outside of education and parental… Read More

Spring Has Sprung

How was everyone’s Easter weekend? I was thrilled to see that CounterCultural. CounterCouture did not get a single hit on Resurrection Sunday, according to Blogger. I hope it means that you were all have a fantastic time, whether that was at church, with family or just chilling. We had a quiet time, attending a great… Read More

Biker chic

| Jacket: Warehouse || Dress: BS8 || Leggings: Amazon | I’m probably being a little bit presumptuous calling this biker chic, but I really don’t know what else would describe it. I wore this little outfit, along with my wax jacket (it was cold!!!!) and ankle boots, on a family trip out to Bath. It’s… Read More