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Fools, Sermons and Reevaluations

I did something that has shocked me to my core this bank holiday weekend. I have not spent every waking moment pouring over CounterCultural. CounterCouture, writing posts, improving my media kit, checking my analytics or updating my social media. Instead I have taken time out to clean my room (new bed and carpet!) and read… Read More

AOTW: Nigeria’s Outrage ‘Bring Back Our Daughters’

Source: The world is horrified… and I don’t just mean the fashion world. And for a change, the world has not been united over global issues no one understands or a celebrity’s latest faux pas. To quote Kate Everson from Lydia Magazine,  “This time, it’s an event that happened on the other side of the… Read More

AOTW: “How My Jobless Blog Got Me A Job!”

Jobless/Part-time Blogger? Keep going, you never know… ( Any unemployed bloggers out there? Because today’s article review is for you! You’re probably now reading this simply to scoff at someone else’s attempt to give you advice. I would have done the same thing six months ago before becoming a steward at one of Britain’s most… Read More