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Review || Noemilates Health Coaching*

Review || Noemilates Health Coaching*

Throughout March, I was lucky enough to receive three sessions of health coaching from Noemi of Noemilates. If you read the post on Vegan Chai Latte, you would have read that I gave up dairy as a result of the coaching. As being encouraged to give up dairy was only one aspect of the health coaching,… Read More

Review: Crobar*

Back in December, during an unusually productive period I think they call the Christmas holidays, I discovered an incredible opportunity. So I applied. After all, what is a blogger to do when faced with a great opportunity? And guess what! I was accepted to review the latest addition to the free-from health food section, Crobars!… Read More

Self Care verses Self Indulgence

Since summer, #selfcare has been turning up a lot on my Instagram feed. It’s an idea that’s actually incredibly old but seems to have really taken off in the mental health community over the last year. I’ve known people who suffer from eating disorders, depression and other conditions talk about it as a way to cope… Read More

Top 5 Instagrammers || Food

It’s time for another of my five favourite Instagrammers and this time the theme is food. I absolutely love my food and one of the best things about Instagram is that I’m in good company. From delicious street food to healthy bites via independent coffee, I love how much variation there is. Admittedly my top… Read More