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Alternative ways to track time

Vintage Bronze Retro Quartz Pocket Watch Clock Necklace Chain Steampunk Antique by Details about  Antique Style Vintage Bronze Silver Steampunk Quartz Pocket Watch Chain Pendant by boxhillstore Antique Style Vintage BronzeSteampunk Quartz Mechanical Pocket Watch Chain Gift by Ifwins2008  Recently I have seen countless watches all over the place, from blogs to magazines and… Read More

If Rizzo had been a goth now…

Morticia Addams x Rizzo? Felt the neckerchief gave it a 50s/Grease feel.Coat: Housemate hand-me-down Neckerchief: Unsure, possibly a grandparentTop: New LookSkirt: DebenhamsLeggings: New Look Looking slightly more dishevelled by the endEarrings: Convent Garden stallNecklace: The Gothic Shop So today I made my first excursion beyond my parents’ garden in search of a shoot location. And… Read More