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First Day

Style Notes|| Scarf: Gift | Top: British Heart Foundation | Skirt: British Red Cross | Shoes: Next | Tights: New Look If you hadn’t guessed from the various “hints” I’ve been dropping, I have joined the office world. I’ve just started a new job working in information mangement (admin on computers though blogging/social media also… Read More

Family Dinner: Stuffed Squash with Creamy Mushrooms followed by GF Apple, Pear and Cinnamon Crumble

You may have noticed back in September, that I was somewhat excited about a book release. That book was Friends Food Family by Sasha Wilkins, of After many evenings spent perusing the various recipes she has created, I finally tried out one. Stuffed harlequin squash with mushrooms in a cream sauce. Delicious and perfect… Read More