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Hey there Sailor!

| Dress: British Red Cross || Jacket: Wessex MS Therapy || Bag: New Look || Shoes: F&F |    Since starting a job that does not come with a set wardrobe, I have fallen in love with dresses. I would love to pretend that this is to do with developing an effortless style that I… Read More

Spring Has Sprung

How was everyone’s Easter weekend? I was thrilled to see that CounterCultural. CounterCouture did not get a single hit on Resurrection Sunday, according to Blogger. I hope it means that you were all have a fantastic time, whether that was at church, with family or just chilling. We had a quiet time, attending a great… Read More

Clashing Stripes

| Jeans and Top: British Red Cross || Cardigan: Cambridge Vintage Fair || Belt: Handmedown || Necklace: Gift || Wristband: Forgotten || Shoes: Clarks (mens) | Last weekend was a little on the hectic side but I still found time to get a couple of photos in. I loved the way the blue stands out… Read More

CounterCouture: Modest Style #2

Skinny jeans! They have been at the forefront of denim fashion since I was in secondary school- the era of the emo- but they are now losing ground to the slightly looser boyfriend jeans. Yet I cannot shake one of my most poignant memories of skinny jeans. In my first year of university, I lived… Read More