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January Praise Post

  Oh January! So full of promise and time only to end up filled with stress and tiredness. What happened? I started off the month fully ahead and planned out, able to devote so much time to you guys here at CounterCultural. CounterCouture. And then suddenly I was out every night and filling up my… Read More

5 Books That Make You Happy

Who else loves to read? I can be a real bookworm when I get my hands on the right book. Unfortunately, I find that the likes of Netflix, work, master’s applications and even blogging stop me reading as much as I’d like to. Admittedly I could not watch Netflix but that is a lot harder… Read More

April Praise Post

So April was meant to be a quiet month… I really need to get better at keeping my promises to myself. Between Easter, family, youth work and the blog, I still feel rushed off my feet. However, I have been managing to turn my light out at 11pm. So one small success.Despite my moaning, April… Read More

A Desperate Exhibitionist?

Most girls in this stage are desperate exhibitionists and deeply competitive. Their individuality must be protected at all costs… Bartley, L., Luella’s Guide to English Style, HarperCollins Publishers (2010), p.28 Thus one of the top names in British fashion describes the English girl in her 20s, as she discovers herself outside of education and parental… Read More