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Swinging Sixities Shindig

Dress: Handmedown (New Look)Socks: AmazonHeels: New Look (now semi-destryoyed from mud) 12 August was a busy day for me. I had a flying trip to the Salisbury and South Wilts Museum open day for Our History Our Heritage before flying off by train to Cambridgeshire for Fee and Clare’s joint birthday bash. With its swinging sixties… Read More

A Rural Birthday: Barbecue, Mojito and Cake

One nicely smoking chimenea and a table full of salad… Barbecue time! If you missed out on the first bit of my rural birthday, you can check it out here. I really recommend you do as Frome Independent is an incredible market and totally worth the visit. So back to my birthday part II. Living… Read More

Glam birthday meal

 This year I was working on my actual birthday (another reason not to work in tourism… bank holidays!) but my family made this up for me with one of my favourite meals. Yes, Dad cooked beef  bourguignon with lots of creamy mash to soak it all up. And such a wonderful treat required a wonderful… Read More