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#SugarFreeSeptember || Day 22

First up, my menu for day 22. Try and guess where I slipped up (again)… Breakfast: Fried potatoes and scrambled egg, activia and milkshake. Lunch: Rice cakes, potato wedges, salad, pretzels, cupcake Dinner: M Kitchen Chicken Tikka Biryani Yeah, I had cupcakes, ready meal and snacks all in one day. My clean living really has… Read More

Counter-Cultural Kitchen: Double Chocolate Cookies

Clockwise from top left: Despicable Me cake for Steff’s 18th with icing figurines, healthy jam buns, fairy cakes, double chocolate cookies. I love baking. Anyone else feel the same? It is the best illustration that this world has of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. You have to admit, the basic… Read More