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Chilling in Suffolk

Slogan t-shirts and slouch boots. They just scream chilled out weekends designed for wandering around town. This particular weekend was spent at my grandparents in Suffolk- hence the change in scenery- so was a great chance to just unwind and leave the stresses of my everyday life behind. However, spending time with my grandparents also… Read More

CounterCultural Kitchen: An Autumnal Addition

Who else loves a good salad? From around March or April, I become obsessed with making the perfect salad for my lunch at work. From a variety of vegetables, including radishes and peppers, through to different dips and garnishes, I love cramming as many textures, tastes and colours into my lunchbox as possible. But with… Read More

Family Dinner: Root Vegtable Tagine

Friends, Food, Family: Recipes and Secrets from LibertyLondonGirl I love food! And, being my father’s daughter, I love food with big flavours. From chilli and curries to ratatouille and pasta dishes, it is all about the big flavours. So it’s probably a bit strange that I haven’t had much experience of Moroccan-inspired cooking. Surely a… Read More

Family Dinner: Stuffed Squash with Creamy Mushrooms followed by GF Apple, Pear and Cinnamon Crumble

You may have noticed back in September, that I was somewhat excited about a book release. That book was Friends Food Family by Sasha Wilkins, of After many evenings spent perusing the various recipes she has created, I finally tried out one. Stuffed harlequin squash with mushrooms in a cream sauce. Delicious and perfect… Read More