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CounterCouture: Modest Style #4

Magpies in the room, please raise your hand. No, I’m not talking about those cute birds that supposedly foretell our luck. I am talking about all of you out there who find the lure of all things shiny, metallic, jewelled, encrusted and glittery irresistible. I count myself amongst those people, though the ethical price is… Read More

#6ItemsChallenge || Week 3

This week I want to zone in on one item in my scarf collection that I know is fairtrade. My kikoi comes from Coral Quay in Bath but was originally from Kenya. Traditionally worn by men, they are a long, wide length of brightly patterned cloth that is worn wrapped around the waist and legs.… Read More

#6ItemsChallenge || Week 1

Wednesday: Black jumper and A-line mini with opaque tights and blue suede boots.Thursday: Aqua vest, black jumper and A-line mini with opaque tights and DM Mary-Janes.Friday: Black pleated laser-cut skirt with coral underlay, nude tights, beige wedges and wooden cross.Saturday: Aqua vest (underneath) and jeans with a belted shawl and purple Doc Martens.Sunday: I’d stayed… Read More