Bring back the colour…

Lovely day for a country walk
Scarf: Debenhams
Gillet: Joules
Boots: Marks and Spencer
T-shirt: Dorothy Perkins
Bolero cardigan: Topshop
Skirt: Old housemate’s
Leggings: Next
Necklace: New Look
Earrings: Red Cross
(free as second hand earrings can’t be sold)

This morning when I woke up I decided I had had enough… of black! As someone who dabbles on the edge of subcultures including the gothic, I love black! But with the rain and clouds and general winter weather, I decided it was time to kick the habit and bring out the lighter side of my wardrobe. Unfortunately, my penchant for the dark and broody made this decision somewhat difficult. But nothing brightens up an outfit like white and fortunately my DP basic t-shirt was clean, providing a good start. Paired with a wee bit of lilac tweed and my gillet I definitely felt like I was stepping into spring.

And it looked like the weather agreed with me. After spending the money in the Red Cross shop, I decided it was high time to go on a walk and enjoy the long awaited sunshine. I experimented with my new camera and the photos will be appearing soon. All in all, a great day and outfit 😉 

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