Blogging Bristol: #BlogClub and Fashion Week

Bristol has been moving up my list of top cities since I graduated and started blogging. From being ‘Blogger Central’ for the South West of England to the current base for one of my besties, I’ve found myself looking forward to the 50 minutes train journey more and more. I don’t know whether it’s the graffiti, vintage/alternative culture or the general creativity that overflows in the city, but I love spending time there*. So any chance to visit is one I will jump at but if they involve #BlogClub or Bristol Fashion Week (above video), it’s even better!

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I have to admit that #BlogClub was way back at the end of February and a hectic March has made it a little hard to post everything I want to, though it did get a little mention here. But enough about my inability to balance blogging with life and back on to the topic in hand. The theme of #BlogClub was Google Analytics (GA) and the guys at True Digital really know their stuff. Though I haven’t had a chance to implement a lot of what I learned, it definitely made me feel like understanding my blog is not beyond my reach.

The other wonderful part of #BlogClub is that I get a chance to meet some of the wonderful bloggers Bristol is home to. I was able to catch up with Emily and Gina and met Rosa, who I proceeded to chat with and pass notes to throughout the presentations. I swear they were all related to GA and blogging but I’m not sure I could guarantee it. I just hope we weren’t the naughty school girls at the back of the class… I took way too many notes for that to be true!

Lipsy Sports Luxe

Bristol Fashion Week SS15 was almost a month after #BlogClub, just in time for me to top up my urban fix. Hosted by Mark Heyes and Lucy Watson (below), BFW offered up the creme de la creme of the season’s high street trends, which ranged from denim and mono through to pastels and florals. Surprisingly, I wasn’t as in love with Marks and Spencers’ denim offering as I expected. Not that I didn’t like it, I just found myself drawn more towards festival as done by Fat Face and, amazingly, sports luxe styled by Lipsy (above). I think it was the 90s-esque rave that accompanied that particular scene. I even ended up buying the black mesh skirt from Lipsy, along with a maxi dress from Fat Face, and was happy to see the shop I avoided as a teenager shedding its ‘velour tracksuit’ image.

Mark Heyes and Lucy Watson hosting
Fashion panel

The other fantastic part of attending the Thursday midday show was that I could also go to the panel discussion, “So You Think You Want To Work In Fashion“. Though I don’t want to work in the fashion industry in any traditional way, as a blogger on the edge of it I still found it really helpful. Everything was covered, from tips on finding your own style and voice through to the skills you need to survive in a tough industry. The panel had a great breadth of experience as well and I have a whole new respect for people working in fashion after hearing their stories. Grazziella Pinto, the founder of Fashion Bloodhound, was a particular inspiration as she described running her business from her parents’ dining room as a graduate. The main message I took away was that if you have a dream and a passion, it is possible. The main requirement is that you have the drive to make it happen.

To conclude, Bristol is a city at the heart of the blogging phenomenon. Living just under an hour away, it’s one of my top places to visit when I fancy more urban surroundings. The fact that it has also offered me the chance to meet other bloggers and learn more about fashion simply endears it to my heart more.


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*If anyone from the University of Bristol is reading this, please start a MA in Digital Humanities. I need an excuse to move to your lovely city.

** True Digital logo used with kind permission of True Digital. Bristol Fashion Week video and photos used with kind permission of The Mall at Cribbs Causeway (more here).

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