For the Love of Linen*

For the Love of Linen*

So this outfit was originally meant to be 100% inspired by the 90s! A homage to the latest decade to be considered fashionable. Only I then decided my skirt was too short, so chucked it out. Then none of my other skirts would fit round my thighs. So I decided to switch back to trousers and work with that! Black linen trousers, Purple and green check shirt


I’m loving how my DMs manage to go with basically everything. They might be super chunky and the exact opposite of my linen trousers yet somehow it works as a whole. I’ve heard it said that for a 90s girl, Doc Martens go with everything; I have yet to see that proven wrong. 

I can see the question forming in your head. Who on earth pairs linen trousers with a pair of chunky DM Mary Janes? Well, it looks I do. 

I have to admit, it does help that my linen trousers are among my favourite items of clothing. I’ll even wear them in winter with tights layered underneath! The cut means that they never feel too revealing without feeling scruffy or under-dressed, making them ideal for work. I’ve even paired them with heeled brogues and sandals depending on the season. 

Check shirt, linen trousers, Doc Martens' Mary Janes

Styling linen trousers can be a little bit difficult. Anything overly floaty is definitely out of the question. Crop tops would work but from a modesty point of view are out of the question as there is no way this girl is showing off her midriff (been there, done that, have the horrific photos). Instead, I prefer to wear a longline top or a loosely fitted shirt tucked in to give me something approximating a waist. On this occasion, I opted for my men’s shirt so the fit is even looser than normal. But if a girl is going to pair Doc Martens with linen trousers, she might as well go for the full androgynous look. Plus I love the relaxed fit that comes with a men’s shirt so losing out on a defined waist is an easy sacrifice to make.

Paired with a simple bead necklace and sunglasses, it really was the perfect relaxed Sunday outfit.


Style notes || Trousers: Peacocks | Shirt: British Red Cross | Shoes: Doc Martens | Necklace: Childhood present


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