Big Plans at Counter-Cultural Cottage

Okay, so it’s almost 11pm and I’ve just got home from a flying visit to the Grandparents in Dear ol’East Anglia but I’m so excited about my BIG PLANS that I just have to tell you. So here I go, hot orange squash in hand and Fringe on in the backround to keep me awake.
Not all of you will realise this, but I didn’t start my blog to make money or reap awards from offering PR opportunities. I started it out of a passion to see girls dressing modestly but also individually. Less flesh, more variety. It has since become my hobby as the passion has increased. (Though I do have to admit that my passion for history has still managed to find its way into the odd article.) And as often happens with hobbies and passions is that I increasingly want to do this full time. But before I even start to consider financial gain (I’m happy having a tentmaker job a la St. Paul), I need to build up the blog. Hence my BIG PLANS
Firstly, I need to sort out my current platforms…
  • Twitter: This one I’m pretty good at keeping up to date (read:big time addict). If I’m not tweeting about Counter-Cultural. Counter-Couture then I’m probably sharing my passion for my faith, History and style with all you lovely people.
  • Pinterest: This one I did start with a board dedicated to pictures of moi from the blog. But I’ve become somewhat lazy so I need to do a mass upload of pictures to my C-C.C-C board. 
  • Instagram: This is the window into the world of Katy, behind the scenes of C-C.C-C so to speak. I need to start putting more links to the blog but also keep an eye on it for food and style experiments. Once I get a new phone I should be posting more often (currently have shoddy app memory).

Now for the exciting new bits…

  • GMail: I’m going to be setting up an email just for blog business. So you lovely people will all be able to get in touch, whether that’s with suggestions, comments or requests. Plus it would put a smile on my face.
  • Facebook: Believe it or not, I don’t currently have a C-C.C-C page on Facebook. “Madness!!!” I hear you say… the truth is I want to keep my Facebook life (i.e. photos from university and before) away from my social media/blog life. But I have realised the error in this. While some things will still stay in the past (ooops, too much make up photo), I’ll be harnessing the most powerful network to promote being counter-couture. I’ll be posting the link soon.
  • From the Archives: This is a new article series I’ll be doing. Not only do I buy Look every week, but I also keep my favourite articles along with anything else that interests me. These are the archives that I will be diving into each week. But don’t worry, I’ll be keeping them season-related even if not within the same month.
  • PR/Partnerships: I’m going to be launching a new page on C-C.C-C in the next two weeks. Dedicated to helping local, alternative and Christian designers and retailers, I am looking to partner up with some of them long-term on the blog. So this page is going to be dedicated to them and will include information on my current partners, such as Helen from

 So those are my BIG PLANS. What do you think? Anything I’ve missed or any suggestions in general? Let me know.

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