Bicycle And Jumper Love


If the capitalisation and exclamation marks didn’t give it away, I am very excited about this fact. Papillion, or Paps as I’m silly enough to shorten the brand to, served me faithfully through my second and third year of university. She was second hand and, even after post university work on the wheels, has been cheaper than one annual bus pass. As I’ve now got her back from Batchelors, our local bike shop, with new tyres I have given up walking. Yes, I am becoming one of those annoying people who cycle everywhere.

Jumper: Zara || Jeans: Tu at Sainsbury || Trainers: InterSport || Satchel: Christmas Present

 On this particular day, I was on something of an exercise drive. I cycled to the gym, worked out, cycled to the station, and cycled home after a trip to Trowbridge by train. (I need to build up my stamina before attempting that bike ride.) So my outfit had to be comfortable and easy to move in. Hence my choice of stretchy skinnies, a loose jumper and trainers. I’m a particular fan of these jumper from Zara as I love the colour and it has an unusual back. I completely forgot to photograph it so instead I’ll describe it. Effectively, it is two pieces of semi-sheer green material that overlap in the middle but are not joined. Instead there is a drawstring style tie at the bottom, allowing you to decide how loose the jumper is. Due to it’s semi-sheerness, I wore my nude bandeau underneath to hide my bra.

For me, this is an ideal cycling outfit. The jeans are comfortable and allow full movement while the jumper and trainers are just easy to thrown on. My choice of bag is another lazy easy option leftoverfrom my student days. I’ve had this satchel since Christmas 2010 and it’s just starting to look worn. I love crossbody bags on bikes as everything is in easy reach without an dismounting but can still be swung out of the way when needed. Ideal bag, I think so.

Always wear a helmet! I wouldn’t be here if my mum hadn’t worn hers.

What’s your opinion on bikes and their accompanying fashions. Are you a jeans and jumper type or neon lycra type of person? Let me know.


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