Biblical Inspiration: Song of Songs 8 v6-7

Song of Songs is the part of the Bible that is rarely opened unless it’s a wedding, or a bunch of teenagers looking for a giggle. Written as a love letter between a man and woman, a lot of the language is physical and intimate. It also contains the most beautiful description of love in the Bible. We’re not talking about how to spot love, or what it looks like, or what it does. No. Song of Songs reveals the very heart of love as God meant it to be between a man and a woman.

Song of Songs 8 v6-7 has been one of my favourite bits of scripture for a couple of years now. Even to the point that I was considering having the reference as a tattoo, along with a heart with a flame inside it. As a girl who falls hard’n’fast when she falls for a guy (it is really quite annoying), I can understand something of the unyielding jealousy mentioned.

You want to spend all your time together, preferably with no one else around!

Obviously, if you spend all your time together, your other relationships with family and friends are quickly going to disintegrate. Or will they? I don’t think the type of love between friends and family decreases when you spend less time together. Do you drift away from your real friends just because you don’t see them? If that was true, I wouldn’t be able to pick up where I left off with most of my friends from university. The same is true of relationships. If you really do love them, nothing can “quench love”, including time and distance apart. But what do you do when this unyielding jealousy rears its head?

Jealousy is not a necessarily bad thing in a relationship. Romantically and sexually, we were made to be in a relationship between one man and one woman. It is natural to not want to share your “spark” with anyone else. Fortunately, with that jealousy comes the balancing “love… as strong as death”. When love is that strong, jealousy will not make you conventionally “jealous”, i.e. suspicious and paranoid. Instead, that shared jealous love will give you the strength to stay faithful and trusting when you are apart. This is the foundation of a loyal, trusting relationship.

To me, that sounds incredible.


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