Biblical Inspiration: Psalm 139 v 13-16

A while ago, we looked at a few verses from Psalm 139. When I wrote that post, I was living in a metaphorical cave and trying to avoid anything positive. Since then, my life has moved out of the cave and seen me try to live the life God wants for me. However, I have not forgotten Psalm 139 and recently it has been coming up repeatedly. As a blog is meant to reflect something of my own life, I thought that it was time we visited the psalm again.

Ever since I came across Psalm 139, I have loved these four verses. They have always filled me with hope as a constant reminder that God purposely created us while knowing who we would become. Not only has He laid out my entire life ahead of me, which is pretty incredible, but He made me. We’re not talking sticking blocks of Lego together, as amazing as such sculptures can be, but something wonderfully more complex. He put cells together so that they formed my eyes, hair, skin and everything else; even more incredible, He made me “me”! I’m not just an animal on two legs working off basic instinct. I have a personality, dreams, ambitions, attitude, hopes and fears. Every delicate part that makes me “me” was created by God before I was born. 

But do you know the most incredible thing about this psalm? It was not addressed “To Katy” or to any particular individual. It is for all of us as a reminder that God made each of us, is watching over each of us, and has written out our lives. He is our Creator God and His creativity is so integral to Him that He was able to make every person unique. He made YOU to be the best YOU possible because no one else can be you.

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