Biblical Inspiration: Luke 10 v38-42

This month’s Bible Inspiration is a bit of a cheat. However, I wanted to share this video because everytime I watch it I am challenged. How often do we focus on ‘doing’ or ‘being’? For the past couple of years, ‘doing’ and ‘being’ have become buzzwords as we become obsessed with being in the presence of God and doing His work. Both of those are fantastic things but both ignore the necessity to learn.

You can be in the presence of God by sitting there with music playing or in silence, waiting for God to speak to you directly. You can do the work of God by helping in children/youthwork or serving coffee at church. But unless these are informed through learning from God, how do we recognise His presence of His work?

I know I spend a lot of time doing. I’m awful at the being part, let alone actually spending anytime learning outside of church and small group. Maybe, on top of writing these posts, I need to spend a little time taking a leaf out of Mary’s book and sit at the feet of Jesus. While the world will always need Martha, even she needs to spend time “sat at the Lord’s feet, listening to what He taught.” [Luke 10v39] And I am definitely a Martha.

How about you? What are your thoughts on the video? 


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*The video comes from the 24/7 Prayer YouTube channel, as part of their Lent series on The Art of Examen.

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