Article of the Week: The ‘You’ll Do’ Syndrome

To vary things a little bit, and to excuse my weekly buying of Look, I’ll be choosing an article to review. As this week’s review shows, I won’t always be choosing articles about fashion and beauty. 
 Look Cover 11/11/2013
Look Cover 11th November 2013

This week’s article is titled The ‘You’ll Do’ Syndrome: Why Women Aren’t Willing To Wait For Mr. Right. The basis of the article is that women are no longer looking for ‘The One’ but are settling for ‘The Next One To Come Along’. As a fan, like many women, of romantic stories, I was at first taken back by this statement. We’ve all grown up with the idea that one day ‘Mr. Right’/Prince Charming/Aragorn/etc. will come along and marry us. Blame who you want, from Disney to Tolkien (even Star Trek in my case), but at the end of the day many of us have brought into this same fiction. But apparently women are now settling for the person they are with if they are at the point of wanting to settle down. As both a Christian and a romantic I feel torn in two by such an idea. Yet Look’s investigation presents a compelling case. In the end, it was the research from the University of Virginia that showed that people who believed in soul mates were 150% more likely to be divorced than people without fairytale expectations that persuaded me. I might not be of an age to marry but it definitely has given me something to bear in mind for years to come.

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