Article of the Week: The Rise of the Soberistas. Will You Join Them?

What will you fill your glass with? Source:

So who else managed to make it through dry January without touching a drop of booze? Yeah, me neither, but according to Look there is a whole group of women who are choosing to stay sober beyond hungover January. Nicknamed soberistas, this women are giving up their cocktails and pub trips in the name of health, weight loss and their social life.

Personally, it’s not a lifestyle choice that I would make. Back in 2012 I was diagnosed with restless leg syndrome and was advised to give up caffeine and alcohol. And I did 100%… didn’t even touch chocolate (caffeine), let alone a glass of wine. However, two years down the line I have started drinking again and eating chocolate, just avoiding fully-leaded coffee, tea and energy drinks. But I only drink once or twice a week purely to enjoy a nice glass of wine, cider, or even a cocktail. So I’m guessing that my slightly more restrained approach to alcohol is different to many of those going teetotal overnight.

I do agree with the closing quote of the article though. Catherine Salway, founder of non-alcoholic bar Redemption, reminds the read that “People need to realise that having a night off alcohol really doesn’t have to mean having a night in.” This is a stance that I tried to promote during my three years at university, with a few slip ups, because I firmly believe that alcohol isn’t the only way to let your hair down. So at the end of the day, while I won’t be joining the soberistas anytime soon, I will happily support a movement that encourages you to rethink whether you need that drink to unwind on a weekend.

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