Article of the week: Olivia ‘The 7 Fashion Rules I Always Live By’

Fashion icon, blogger, and model Olivia Palermo reveals her tips to kick-start your stylish new year
Look, 6th January 2014
Out and about in New York City.
This week’s AotW is a return to form, as I review the cover story from last week’s issue of Look. Heralded the Style Issue, it included a six-page spread on a certain Miss Olivia  Palermo and her seven fashion rules. Although I like to think of myself as not being a celebrity-follower, there is something about Olivia that you can’t help but want to emulate. Then again, if you can make menswear-inspired tailoring look that feminine (see above), you must be on to a winning formula. So when Look is lucky enough to have her reveal her seven fashion rules to them, I couldn’t help but study their application to my own life. 
So without further ado, my application of Olivia Palermo’s fashion rules:
  1. “Wear the right shape for your body” 
    • I’m somewhere between a pear and hourglass so it’s always been a challenge dressing for my shape. But that doesn’t mean I don’t agree with this first rule. It’s taken tears, arguments and open eyes for me to realise this, but choosing the fitted knit over the comfy hoodie had to happen. Don’t try and hide the bits you’re unhappy with. Emphasize what you love and the rest will disappear/shrink.
  2. “It’s not about how much something costs”
    • Could Miss Palermo be on my wavelength much more? Considering that I use the hashtags #rummagerevolution and #charitycouture, it’s quite obvious that applying this rule will not be a challenge. I like to think that with a rule such as this, Olivia Palermo wouldn’t be above visiting our little charity shop in Warminster (if she were ever lost enough to visit). As it is, I’ll settle for her representing the British high street on the red carpet.
  3.  “Be inspired by everything”
    • This is a rule I would love to live by yet I am frequently distracted from. In particular, I love sub-cultures and how they differ from the norm/catwalk. Olivia’s inspiration appears to come from a wide range, “I love photography, art, museums, art galleries, architecture”, but it all screams sophistication. I think that’s the key to inspiration. Let everything inspire but refine it as well. Don’t wear just anything, but refine it like fine, sophisticated gold. 
  4. “Ask your man’s advice, but be prepared to ignore it”
    • Change “man” to “parents” and you might be nearer to my application of this rule presently. Sometimes it can lead to a fashion faux pas (ummm, cordroy mini dungaree dress in 2010) but equally it can allow you independence. Nowadays, though I do accept my parents’ advice, I often don’t follow it as I dislike the English Rose vision they have. It’s all about balance, something I’m striving to achieve.
  5. “Wear more colour in winter”
    • Like many other bloggers, my biggest problem come the chilly months is colour! Black, black and more black with muted colours coming through is the increasing norm right now. But when the days are dull and dingy then isn’t the best remedy a bright jewel-tone outfit? Whether it’s a lacy amethyst top or a ruby dress, a bit of colour always lifts my mood, no matter the colour of the sky.
  6. “Always wear something that makes you feel amazing”
    •  A rule that has changed my life on countless occasions. I am a firm believer in the power of clothes over moods. Even when lazing round the house in trackies, I like to make sure I’m wearing a nicer top to counteract the laid back-ness. So maybe not at the same level as Miss Palermo, but intention is the same. Looking amazing and feeling amazing are linked more than people realise… but that doesn’t mean a good jean fit can replace a confident personality.
  7. “Have great accessories”
    • Now this is my favourite rule! I love necklaces and earrings, not to mention the styling power of belts and scarfs. So if one of the most stylish women in fashion says its ok to play around with jewels then I’m all for it. You only have to check out some of my previous posts (here, here and here) to realise that.

So that’s my application of Olivia Palermo’s seven fashion rules for life. How would you apply them?

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