Article of the Week: Nigella’s Masterclass In How to Fight Back

This week’s AotW once again comes from the shrove of weekly fashion and celeb-related news… Look! (Anybody else noticed that I may be developing an addiction to this particular weekly?) This week’s pick focuses on Nigella Lawson‘s response to both her divorce from Charles Saatchi and the trial of her former assistants.

Looking magnificent and groomed, Nigella turned up looking like the last person you would expect to use cocaine or suffer any form of abuse. Sali Hughes, who was quoted in the article, sums up Nigella’s look perfectly… “this was a masterclass in how to express yourself in public.” The pictures used by the media only further support this. Nigella looked flawless and fearless at every turn. (Unfortunately, at the time of printing my laptop decided that pictures on the internet did not exisit/wouldn’t load them :(. ) Sali points out in the article that Nigella did what many women do, using make up as a shield and support for walking tall. But she does it so much better than the average woman. Regardless of how this trial turns out, Nigella should be admired for tackling it head on… now to wait for the result.

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