Article of the Week: Friends with Social Benefits

Company’s January Issue

Time for a return to normality life as I know it. And that means a return to Article of the Week. To change it up a bit, this week’s AotW comes from Company magazine– best known for being the nearest thing to social media still printed on paper. Their magazine for January 2014 was written/based at Google HQ for the month and was inspired by social media.

The article I’m concentrating on this week is titled Friends with Social Benefits. It concentrates on the benefits of sharing pictures of you with your friends on social media. Apparently, sharing a snap of you and your besties on Instagram or putting #friendie on a tweet could increase your following as well as your reputation. Plus, putting up a throwback snap of your BFFs can heal broken friendships whether online or in the real world. Now that sounds like another reason to pull out my camera next time I’m out with my friends… though the pictures may need a thorough censoring before being tweeted or instagrammed.

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