April Praise Post

Instagram photos from April

So April was meant to be a quiet month… I really need to get better at keeping my promises to myself. Between Easter, family, youth work and the blog, I still feel rushed off my feet. However, I have been managing to turn my light out at 11pm. So one small success.
Despite my moaning, April has been delightfully calm in relation to the last few months. So, in no particularly order, I present my April highlights I want to say thank you for…

  • FOOD! I know I bring it up every month but every month I have another wonderful foodie highlight or two to share. In this case, four:
  1. Easter lamb and potatoes cooked in the Wonderbag. It works like a haybox, cooking by insulating the meat. The lamb was meltingly tender and potatoes soaked up all the flavour. Points to my mother!
  2. If you follow any of my social media platforms, you may have noticed my gushing over Deliciously Ella. She has revolutionised the way I eat. This chocolate chia cookies are now my go-to when craving carbs and sugar. Sooooo good!
  3. This beetroot and mint dip was a total impulse buy. It sounds strange butbis delicious with cucumber or celery. If you’re feeling brave, try it with lentil crisps. Honestly, so tasty!
  4. I slow cooked a shank of pork with beans for the parents. Slow cookers are the best way to cook pork. Even my dad was impressed, though it was his recipe I tweaked.
  • Snapped was my long weekend read when we stayed in Lincolnshire. A fantastic book and the Montreal setting was awesome. So fed up with London/Paris/New York settings. Really cutting about fashion journalism though.
  • Our cottage in Lincolnshire was just off the Wolds. It’s a totally misunderstood part of the country. I would highly recommend Swallow Barn anytime for a getaway. If the WiFi had been better, I’d have moved in.
  • I regrammed this quote on Instagram after seeing it on my feed. I’m making so many plans at the moment and this quote put it all back in perspective. There is only one plan that counts and it’s God’s. I have nothing on Him.
  • I loved this outfit and the book it inspired. If you want to read why I wore it, or gushing over Luella’s Guide to English Style, click here. I’ll just say I loved the outfit and felt so ‘me’ in it. Plus, my necklace had a rubber duck pendant. That’s pretty cool, right?
  • I’ve also done some major charity shop splurging,  including these trousers and the jacket in this post. These yoga pants are my new “slob at home” trousers as going to the gym has returned my trackies to the sportswear genre.
  • I love spring and how it makes everywhere look pretty. I’ve been making the most of it with lots of walks when I’ve had a spare hour or two.
  • EASTER! Seeing as how it’s one of the most important dates within the Christian calendar, it should get a mention. I was happy to see no one visited the blog. I certainly didn’t as I was all over the place for Easter and loving it. We had a market square service on Good Friday and afternoon tea on Easter Monday. It was such a beautiful weekend. I hope you all enjoyed it too.
  • I may have complained April was busy. I still managed to block a three day weekend to work on CounterCultural.CounterCouture. So we have a lovely new design from the guys at Pipdig, I started a media kit, started to redo my Pintetest and wrote a post about my lovely brunch. Oh, and may watched a bit of Netflix. Ooops!
  • Last but not least, I’ll finish with a smug shot of me in my epic new jumper from the British Red Cross and a Deliciously Ella inspired milkshake. All set up to enjoy the rest of spring and the oncoming summer.
God really has been good to me this month. I’ve enjoyed every second and feel ready to tackle some more challenges. How about you? What would go in your praise post for April?

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