AOTW: Ukrainian Uprising ‘Shot In The Neck- I Tweeted My Fight To Survive’

Olesya Zhukovskaya: Twitter Survivor (source: The Guardian)
First of all, apologies for the somewhat late timing of this post. We had a family gathering of the impromptu type so I was rushed up to Lincolnshire to see various members of my paternal family. As it was on Tuesday, I had to delay this week’s AOTW. 
So what is this week’s chosen article? In keeping with the mainstream news, I have chosen Look‘s current affairs article on the Ukrainian uprising, that seems to be devolving into international hostilities. (Modern ‘up-to-the-minute’ news and technology escalates any problem.) However, in true Look nature, the article focused on one individual, Olesya Zhukovskaya. A Red Cross volunteer, Olesya tweeted her ‘fight to survive’ after being shot by a police sniper. Fortunately, she survived the brutal shot once she was found by her Twitter followers, who combed the city to find her. 
However, Look does not focus on this one remarkable story to the exclusion of all else that is happening in Ukraine. They give a fair and balanced portrayal of what had been happening in Ukraine up to the point of going to print. Explained simply and factually, they bring an international crisis into the living room of even the most stereotypical fashionista. I must admit that it was after reading this article that I started to pay more attention to the mainstream news. 
And on that note, I’m going to sign off with the intention of sleep… But we all know that won’t really happen.

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