AOTW: The new ambition

Big Business or a Sideways Step… the choice is yours (source: pixabay)

Having recently graduated and moved into the working world, I am quickly falling out of love with the corporate sphere… And I work in heritage for a charity! I cannot imagine working in the real ‘rat race’ in the cities for any sum of money. Yet, simply because I have a BA, I am expected to sell out to the big businesses in the pursuit of the ever elusive ‘career’. Personally, enough is enough. I did not spend three years of my life honing my ‘transferable skills’, reading about Henners (Henry VIII to the uninitiated), trampoline competitions and Christian voluntary work to sell my health, relationships and life to the ‘career pedstal’.

Fortunately, I am not the only person ranting, waving and shaking their fists at the ‘rat race’. One such person is Anna Hart, who also happens to be the author of this week’s AOTW. At 29, Anna reveals that she is now a freelance writer after a sideways step out of the corporate sphere and away from her ‘dream job’. And the reason for the change… Pursuing what she believed to be the unobtainable dream job, magazine editor, took Anna away from her first love, writing. And as this article shows, she made the right decision. Not only is her writing style engaging and conversational, she is open about her own experience as well as being generally well-informed.

Even better, Anna does not make stepping sideways look easy. She describes ‘going freelance [as] the more ambitious route’, though this is possibly due to the amount she seemed to want to do. But even for the person who dedicates their life to the sideways step, whether that’s freelancing or a start-up, hard work is still the name of the game. You may remember Catherine Salway from a previous AOTW. She is one of the start-ups interviewed by Anna for this article and revealed that, “I haven’t had a manicure in two years, but I’ve lost two stone in weight.” That does not sound like the results of an easy life.

But in a world where, to use the words of Catherine Salway, ‘the corporates have battened down the hatches’ can one expect there to be much room for flexibility, creativity and life beyond the career? It is one thing to dedicate your life to something you created. It is something entirely different to work all hours to keep someone several rungs up the ladder in pocket. To someone who left university somehow with a 2:1 despite having a club/society/church everyday apart from Saturday, I know which one sounds like the worse deal to me. If UEA taught me one thing, it’s to follow the creativity and not the money (along with how to make baking relate to the Tudors. Thanks Jess!).

So for now I’ll be looking to the Anna Harts, Catherine Salways and Colin Harts (founder of The Social House and of this world for inspiration… And maybe sending them a few CVs too.

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