AOTW: Meet the Mipsterz: Fashion’s New Trendsetters

So this week sees a return to form as Look provides me with another wonderful Article of the Week. Those of you who have read my biography will know that part of my inspiration for starting Counter-Cultural. Counter-Couture was Look‘s first article on the Muslim Hipsters who were taking Instagram by storm. I was thoroughly inspired by these girls’ dedication to staying faithful to their faith yet looking fashion-savvy at the same time. I never thought that modesty could look quite so good!
And now Sandra, Saryah, Layla and their fellow Mipsterz are taking YouTube by storm as well. Their original video (see above) is incredible and shows just how your can mix up different cultures, styles and individuality through the clothes you pick. As a Christian living in a world that feels increasingly anti-God, whether it’s atheism or new-age spirituality, fashion is one of the arenas where you can put your beliefs out for all to see. After all, are you more likely to take the girl showing her cleavage or the girl in a fitted but covering dress serious when she talks about her faith and the choice she’s made? The girl in the crop top might mean every word of it but unfortunately the flesh on show says something very different. 
We need to think about who our clothes say we are!
P.S. Is it sociably acceptable to wear a headscarf without being a Muslim? I’m sorry but those girls looked chic! 

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