AOTW: Juicerexia: The New Eating Disorder In Disguise

Mmmm, green juice! Must be detoxing. (Source:

How many of us love that glass of chilled orange juice straight from the fridge for breakfast? Or a glass of proper cloudy apple juice on a hot summer’s day? And how many of us have been tempted to live on nothing but smoothies and juices, hoping it will make us slimmer and healthier? I know I have, though my love affair with carbs has normally ended the reality.

Well, my dear juice fans, I have news for you. According to Look, there is a new eating disorder in town but this one comes cleverly disguised as a cup of vitamin packed juice. Juicerexia, as the new condition has been dubbed, allows women “to legitimise a worryingly unhealthy and restrictive diet by passing it off as a healthy option”. Apparently, this healthy option can cause symptons as severe as light-headedness and hallucinations, alongside the quick weight loss. Who knew your glass of OJ in the morning could cause more than just sugar highs and cavities (when not part of a balanced diet)!

Admittedly, I had been put off regularly drinking juice by Slimming World a long time before reading this article. If you know anything about their food optimising, you’ll understand when I say that all juices and smoothies have a syn count. After all, what do you gain from a glass of juice other than lots of sugar and vitamins? When you think about it in that way, you seriously have to question what is the appeal of a juice detox. According to ex-jucierexic, Lucie Pfaendler, in Look, the appeal is in the fast and effective weight loss. She even admits that during her second cleanse, she lost 11lb in a week.

So why is it so dangerous? You have your minerals, vitamins and sugars to keep you going so surely you’re losing weight healthily? The answer is no! According to Look‘s interview with Dr.Janet Aylott, liquid-only diets means you miss out on the fibre in your fruit and veg. This in turn can have a negative affect on the absorption of nutrients. That seems pretty risky to me. But do not fret, you can still detox and in safety. Just follow Look and Dr. Aylott’s four steps

  1. Rely on your body: Our bodies are actually clever enough to remove toxins on their own. They can detox without our help… who knew?
  2. Eat your veg whole: No cutting out the fibre. Whole veg equals more nutrients which can only be healthier for our bodies.
  3. Choose solids: Keep eating solid food. Simply up the amount of water you drink with your meals. The aim is two litres to maximise your body’s cleansing abilities.
  4. Avoid allergens: Basically don’t eat anything that bloats you. She suggests gluten and dairy. I’m just going to avoid the local chippy for a while.

So there you have it. Thanks to Look we are aware of the latest eating disorder and how to avoid it. Thanks again for another great article to review.

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