AOTW: ‘I Lost My Dream Job Because I Used To Have Depression’

This week’s article struck a cord with me on a very personal note. Though I have never been officially diagnosed, like Megan I understand what it is to carry around the memories of depression. So to read that Megan Cox, who is the same age as me, had her dream job moved out of her reach because of the depression in her records is horrifically disturbing. I can barely imagine how Megan felt, though her article in Look does give an intense idea. To have your dream job taken away because of something in your past is horrible, and I admire Megan for retelling her experience in Look.

In Megan’s case, it was Emirates’ existence under UAE law rather than UK that allowed them to remove the offer of work due to her medical history. For those of us who are staying close to home, UK legislation prevents employers from asking about our health in relation to job offers. If you think about it, depression is mental flu. And nobody wants to loose out a job because of the flu.

If you are worried and would like advice, Look and Megan both suggest You can also contact the Citizens Advice Bureau.

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