AOTW: ‘I Imagined A World Where Men Were Treated Like Women’

YouTube phenomenon, Oppressed Majority, by Eleonore Pourriat
So this week’s AOTW is a return to subject matter of a more serious nature… YouTube phenomenon! Or I should say, one particular YouTube phenomenon. The video in question is a French film by Eleonore Pourriat which is her imagining of ‘a world where men were treated like women’. With 5 million hits on YouTube, it’s little wonder that Look interviewed the mind behind the screenplay in last week’s issue.
Eleonore said that the inspiration behind the video was not just her treatment but also the way she sees her 15-year-old daughter being treated. Some of the comments that she claims to have received are horrific yet they still have a familiarity as do scenes in the video. Or is it just me who has been asked by homeless men where I’m off to and shouted at across the street by teenage boys?
“You get judged whatever you do- if you wear lipstick, have long hair… Basically, if you dare to show any signs of femininity” 

Yet the stubbornness that Eleonore has approached making and publicizing the video with shows that this judging attitude can be challenged. Even when it was ignored in 2010 in France, she still refused to believe the subject was off-limits. As Eleonore put it, “I always had a feeling that it was the wrong time”. And she was clearly right, as the addition of English subtitles while women’s rights are being heavily discussed has resulted in the video going viral! And it’s definitely worth a watch despite being rather uncomfortable viewing.

I also think Look deserve a mention here. Considering that my favourite magazine is one of the best selling fashion weekly in Britain, it’s not the sort of publication you expect to include articles on things such as this video. Yet over and over again, Look has included articles aimed at empowering women in a way that isn’t derogatory to men or encouraging women to be more like men. The team behind Look is clearly strongly devoted to their female readership and supportive of them, which is something that should be acknowledged.

Well done Look for all that you put into the world, from new fashion trends to encouraging British women. Thank you!

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