AOTW: Celebs Wear High St Too! (Fearne’s Shoes)

Okay, so this is more a craving of the week but shush. I can’t help myself….

Amelia Lace Up Cut Out Sandals from Fearne Cotton’s range at

I love these shoes. I can’t remember when I first saw them in an issue of Look but this isn’t the first time. Despite my fear of any heel over 2 inches in height, I would buy these if I didn’t have to purchase sensible Doc Martens for work (I know, DMs as sensible shoes!!!). I love the slightly craziness of them, in both colour and pattern. Edgy and feminine, the perfect heel for summer parties… if you can walk in them.

And that brings me to the article that these shoes appeared in this week. Celebs Wear High St Too is a weekly feature in Look and one of my favourites. Yes you can be a cynic, as I often am, and say ‘of course celebs wear high st. No one wants the pressure of wearing four figure clothes 24/7’. And while this may be true, the page does also provide inspiration in how to spin our own clothes in different ways. Because if there is one thing celebs do well, it is stand out. Whether you’re looking for what to avoid or what to wear, this particular feature will always give you ideas. Whether you copy their look exactly or translate it for your charity shop haul is up to you.

Personally, I’m going to continue to wish after these shoes and regretting having a job that requires hefty, sensible flats. Please somebody spoil me with these shoes… pretty please!

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