AOTW: Bye Bye Blondie, Celebs Go Back To Brown

Blonde, light, fun, and foxy (
Brunette, dark, mysterious and sultry (

I can’t decide if my chosen article for this week is good or bad news for me. According to Look, celebrities including Jennifer Aniston and Elizabeth Olsen are opting to ditch the blonde. It seems the dark side is winning them over as they choose to go brunette. I’m glad for their hair’s sake that they have ditched the bleach and gone natural, but it’s not so easy for the rest of us.

I’ve been a brunette (mousey) throughout most of my life, though I have been called blonde and even ginger on occasion. I loved being brunette though I always wanted to be darker, so that I couldn’t be called ginger or blonde or even mousey. But with working outside in all weathers, my hair has been naturally bleached by the sun on a regular basis. Consequently, I’m becoming more and more strawberry blonde by the day! So what does a girl do? I love brunettes and always wanted to be one yet my hair is heading in a different direction. To dye or not to dye, that is the question. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

On that thought, I have a request linked to my hair. Whether I dye my hair or not, I will be cutting it on 18th July to raise money for Lindsey Lodge Hospice. I’ll be doing a post on this soon but I just wanted to let you guys know. You’ve all seen my long, long hair but come summer it’s going to go! But how much goes is up to you. For every £60 you sponsor me, I’ll cut off an inch. So it’s up to you!

Let me know if you sponsor me. And any advice on whether to be blonde or brown would be great.

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