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Like more and more girls today, I’m a big girl. I’m a size 8 in the shoe department, have too big a head for a regular woman’s hat and buy men’s socks so I don’t have to buy new ones every month. But, thanks to Company, it turns out I’m even less alone than I think.

One of the articles from their July issue is called Big It Up. Written by Jane McFarland, the article examines her life as a size 10. My feet may be microscopic in comparison, as are the size 7s she laughs at, but I feel a sense of kindred with her problems. But unlike Jane, large-shoe stores are not easily within my reach. In comparison to her Chiltern Street filled with Magnus, Crispin and Totally Large Shoes, my best option is Brantano in Trowbridge. While I managed to get the comfiest pair of heeled brogues ever in a size 8 from them, I would like to have more options around. Instead, when it comes to my canvas lace ups or boots for work I’m checking out the men’s ranges. But like Jane, I too embrace the kudos that comes from delving in to the men’s shoe range. So while I will suffer in the heeled department -drat my slim ankles that need to be laced in- I will revel in my men’s trainers and boots.

My bespoke shoe design from (£181)

There is some hope yet for the big footed amongst us. Jane included a list of sites useful for those of over a size 6 and I was intrigued by A website/e-tailer dedicated to bespoke shoe design, they offer you the chance to design a shoe and see it become a reality. And to be honest, with the starting cost being £168, it’s really not a ridiculous price for bespoke shoes. I fooled around for an hour or so and created this beauty. The lace overlay upped the price but it’s so pretty it’s worth it.

What do you think? Any problems with OTT features you’d like me to deal with? And have a go at designing your own shoes. I’d love to see them!

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