An alternative spin on the ladylike trend

I am the first to admit that I am not the first person to jump on the ‘ladylike’ trend happening this autumn. Floaty midi skirts, lots of florals and lace in pastel colours is not my scene. My choice of shoes is enough to makes this clear. Though in shadow, I’m wearing a pair of purple Doc Martens, which are as far from ladylike as is possible within fashion. Equally, double denim outside of summer  definitely points towards the alternative end of the fashion spectrum.

Yet, as the below photo shows, I still incorporate elements worthy of a lady’s wardrobe and jewellery box.

My much loved pearls are an essential element within my substantial hoard of necklaces. Ever ladylike in their pale luminescence, pearls are a well-known component of the Sloane Ranger look. They alone are able to elevate even my DMs and double denim to the edges of ‘ladylike-dom’. Paired with a lace top in deepest purple, the right marriage between alternative and feminine styles is achieved. 

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