An Accidental Adventure

I actually kept to the rules for a change!
Last Wednesday it was so sunny that I simply had to get out with my camera. I had become intrigued by a footpath leading into the woods a few days before so decided to head out for a shoot. When you live in a sleepy, rural backwater, posing in the middle of the street could open you up to strange looks and/or laughter. So I hunt out some of the more idyllic areas of my town, that just happen to be less frequented. On this occasion, I didn’t realise quite how far I would walk until finding a location for my shoot. I ended up going to the very top of the hill- quite unexpected but that made it all the more enjoyable as a chance to enjoy beautiful woodland.
Could be off to play tennis… or use the gold course 5 metres away.
Clashing my prints… Yes, I’m following a trend!
Slip on some denim to mix up sporty trainers with indie vibe.
Top: Very old Laura Ashley
Skirt: New Look
Trainers: InterSport
Sunglasses: The Original Factory Shop

                      Bag: British Red Cross
                   Denim Jacket: South Wilts Menscap
My gorgeous trainers were the perfect thing to wear for my accidental adventure.

I decided to follow a few trends for this particular outfit but I hope I have given them my own spin. I don’t want to be pulled on to a band wagon anytime soon 😉 But back to the outfit. As you can see, I not only clashed my prints but also went for something with a sporty vibe. The trainers just finished it off with my ever faithful jacket toughening up the look, particularly when combined with my new sunnies. (I just can’t pull off the sunglasses that are on trend now so sticking with my own style.) I do think that everyone should own a decent (do not read brand new or even expensive) denim jacket and sunglasses combo. It toughens up any outfit without the edge or a biker or the polite-smartness of a blazer. A good denim jacket should lie somewhere in between the two, even if it is from a supermarket chain via a charity shop.

I found this route as I walked back down. So that’s my next adventure decided upon.

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