Am I eccentric or just a poser?

Countryside walk
| Bowler hat: Gift from my sister || Coat: Gift from Anna || Snood: Old Christmas present |
| Jeans: Dorothy Perkins || Trainers: British Red Cross || Top: Oasis || Shrug: Handmedown |
| Necklace: Gift || Earrings: New Look |

I love hats! But not your normal run of the mill wooly beanie, often accompanied by bobbles and pompoms at this time of year. No, I’m talking anything with a nice structured shape and brim. Normally this means trilbies, whether they are straw or felt or rigid. On this occasion, however, I swapped my favourites for a bowler. I picked up this beauty from my sister, who had gained it through a previous relationship. While I had long hair, this hat would not have worked at all. Short hair, on the other hand, works perfectly in that slightly indie/alternative way.

The unfortunate side effect from my adoration of brimmed hats is a result of living in a small town. I doubt it’ll come as a surprise that I haven’t seen anyone else rocking a bowler while doing their Lidl shop. This realisation has led me to a rather startling conclusion; I may be my town’s close thing to a hipster despite not fitting that style at all. This effectively makes me either slightly eccentric or a total poser. I’m hoping it’s eccentric but I’ll let the jury decide.

Royal Blue Oasis and Black Dorothy Perkins
Earrings and necklace

My actual outfit was a little less eccentric. Well, without the hat it would have been completely normal. I need to replace the jeans as they have become somewhat faded (they’re meant to be black, not grey) but they still work well in this royal blue and black combination. You may recognise the same basic outfit from this post but I hope I’ve demonstrated how accessories can change the feel of an entire outfit.

How do you like to ring the changes for your favourite pieces? Let me know in the comments below.


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