A Very Rural Birthday: The Frome Independent

Hey everyone! So to make up for being such an awful blogger last week I am going to be posting a lot more over the next few weeks. And to start it off, as I promised here, I’ll tell you all about my birthday celebrations. So please join me as I relive my rural celebrations.

Source: http://www.thefromeindependent.org.uk/

This year my birthday fell on the bank holiday, which I stupidly didn’t think to take off work, but it was preceded by the first Sunday of the month. And that means Frome Independent! Once a month the small town plays host to the biggest rural market I’ve ever been to. Vintage, farmers and flea market all rolled into one, and there is even a suitcase street for very small traders! I visited for the first time with two of my favourite people, Catherine (bestie) and Georgina (Mum).

The Bestie looking very happy by the olive stand.

Turning up at the market around 1pm, after a stressful time trying to park the car, we quickly engaged with serious shopping of the food variety. My first ‘delight’ was the chilli oil I tried, which was quickly followed by lemon oil in an attempt to cool down my mouth.

Lunch for Mum and I. Course numero uno: Lemon meringue cupcake for moi and lemon and raspberry sponge (gluten-free) for Mum.
Course 2: The best roast potatoes we have ever had!

The next hour proved to be primarily about food. From testing some of the ciders (slightly too vinegary) to buying more food for the barbecue, via venison burgers and olives, we definitely gave our tastebuds a treat. As the farmers market and suitcase sale merge into one as you walk up the hill, we also did a fair bit of browsing while trying not to drop crumbs everywhere. As an added bonus, the vintage shops that Frome is filled with open for the market so we popped into a few. Catherine and I loved Deadly is the Female while Mum enjoyed the fabric shops, browsing through the patterns.

Tin bucket for over £5… Seriously!

After the farmers market and suitcase sale, we somehow found our way to the flea/vintage market. And to be honest, we spent as much time laughing as we did marvelling at some of the hidden treasures we saw. The above picture is a prime example of that. Mum could not believe that buckets just like the ones used in the garden when she was a kid were being sold for around £35… Apparently floral arrangements are not a good enough reason. I was just as shocked to see a price tag of £15 on the red petrol can in the right of the photo.

So that was my trip to Frome Independent. We had a fantastic time, which was only increased by the barbecue that followed. But more of that to come, so keep your eyes peeled!

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