A Rural Birthday: Barbecue, Mojito and Cake

One nicely smoking chimenea and a table full of salad… Barbecue time!

If you missed out on the first bit of my rural birthday, you can check it out here. I really recommend you do as Frome Independent is an incredible market and totally worth the visit.

So back to my birthday part II. Living in a small rural town means that my local friends are a select group but that just means every party becomes an intimate affair. So along with my family, Catherine, Helen and I sat down to a feast of meats, salads and breads. And oh was the food good!

The Bestie and the Little Sister looking excited about food.

I had a very similar smile on my face at the thought of all the meat we were cooking (apologies to all my vegetarian friends and readers but I am a total carnivore). My favourites were the spicy pork and chorizo burgers, with Helen’s various salads going down a treat with it. To accompany it we had everything from mint mojitos and wine through to lemonade. I do love a mojito!

One slightly strong mint mojito with a sparkly straw. Summery perfection!

As the evening cooled down, along with the barbecue, we retreated inside to more wine and mojitos. We also moved on to the second course… cake! We had some rather pretty pink cupcakes, decorated by Catherine, and Steff had made delicious Easter rocky road. Oh, and I can’t forget the triple layer jelly that Mum made. But the winner was the gothic/punk-inspired cake that Catherine made as part of my birthday present.

Monochromatic punk cake… With any candles we could find.

We then proceeded to fill ourselves on all things sweet while chilling out in the lounge. I wish I could say the it was until the wee hours but as two of us were working on the bank holiday we ended up dispersing by 11pm. But still, an evening enjoyed by everyone.

And that was my rural birthday. How did you celebrate your last birthday?

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