A Pastel Shock

When winter comes around, my instinct is to go for the dark, comfortable shades of grey, blacks and navy. It’s really not that surprising consider I’m not really a pastel or neon sort of girl and, if I’m honest, any colour more than three shades from black terrifies me a little bit. Or so I like to think… 

Tunic: British Red Cross || Leggings: Amazon || Undershirt: Next || Scarf: Gift ||Bag: Gift || Earrings: Gift || Shoes: Doc Martens

Yet, you may notice the shock of icy blue peeking out from inside my tunic. That would be my Yves Rocher pashmina that was a gift from my Grandma and I have had for years. (We’re talking secondary school!) And while large amounts of pastel colours within an outfit might give me the shivers, this scarf has been a constant in my own wardrobe. You see, the thing about loving to wear greys, black, navies, purples and greens is that they all go with blue! And why buy a scarf when I was given a perfectly good one? Plus, there is something so clean about that icy blue cutting through the slightly overcast grey of the tunic.

You might also recognise the tunic and under shirt from a post earlier this year. It’s a size 16 and wonderful for this time of year as it’s perfect to lounge about in but doesn’t require you to change to go out. This time around I switched my normal leggings for wet-look ones, though the jury is still out on whether that was a sensible move or not. Sleek looking and they added a certain edge, they were just a little on the un-comfy side.


Finally, to the little extras that really make an outfit. I chose to be a little different this time round, so please tell me if it didn’t go right. Normally a blue, grey and black outfit would call for some silver yet this time I decided to warm up my tones with a hint of gold earrings. And I wore my, oh-so-comfy, Mary Janes, despite wondering if my feet looked a little big in them. As an overall outfit, I think it worked well and was great for the amount of travelling I had to do. But that’s all for another post…

So what did you think? Let me know! And do you have any colours you occasionally make an exception for?


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