A Cultural-Weather Clash

Taking Arabic inspiration for dealing with British weather

Anyone else fed up with all this rain? I can’t help but feel sorry for the Somerset Levels, down the road, dealing with the rising flood waters… although if they had learned form the Fens it may have been a different story.

To combat the dreary rain, I’ve taken a little inspiration from the Mipsterz who featured in this week’s AOTW. I’ve been a big fan of the headscarf for a while now and I prefer it to hoods, whether they’re attached to coats or jumpers.

Scarf: Christmas present, Denim Jacket: Mencap, Jeans: TU at Sainsbury’s, Boots: Doc Martens

The scarf is actually a particularly type that comes from Africa and is actually wide enough to be worn like a sarong. In fact, it is traditionally worn in such a way by the men. But on this occasion I have changed the usage to that of ear and head warmer, and it’s done a mighty fine job today. Along with my trusty denim jacket, I’ve been pretty toasty all day. However, I did have chuck a practical yet unflattering cheap mac over the top to keep me dry.

Shirt: Primark (Mens),Waistcoat: Primark

Underneath though, I was thoroughly Western in the most rakish, androgynous way. I do love a waistcoat and this one is soooo comfy (when I’ve been a good girl with chocolate). And what can I say about men’s shirts… I love the comfy, flexible, smart-but-not-smart feel to it. Plus, an ex-art student came into the Red Cross today and said how good I looked. Whoop, success!!!

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