9 Books to Read before I’m 30

9 Books to Read before I’m 30

I don’t know about you but I am awful for buying books I don’t get around to reading. But with my 25th birthday approaching (ahhh, halfway to 50 and all that), I am choosing to change this. And what better way to motivate yourself than to make it a challenge. So I am challenging myself and you to list 9 books to read before I turn 30.

Okay, so 9 books should not be difficult to read in 5 years. But in these days of on-demand television available 24 hours a day, notifications on your phone every other minute, and rushing around working or studying, finding time to read can be difficult. Let alone finding time to read anything that requires the use of brain cells after 7pm at night. So, to make life a little more manageable, let’s just start with 9 books.

9 Books to Read

For my 9 books, I’ve chosen to pick specifically Christian ones. One of them I have read before, some I have owned for years and others have been recommended by friends, family and speakers.

1) Building on the Rock by Peter Maiden

I’m currently reading Building on the Rock and it’s a brilliant book. I’ve heard Peter Maiden speak at the Keswick Convention before and he’s has never disappointed. So far, his book has been as honest and cutting as his talks are. What I didn’t expect was to get my bible out alongside it. If I’d known bible study would be involved, I might have not chosen Building on the Rock. I’m glad I didn’t know.

2) I Wanna Be A Woman Of God by Beth Redman

I first came across Beth Redman when I was given one of her Soul Sista books for my baptism. I read I Wanna Be A Woman Of God when I was still at school but it didn’t feel relevant to me at the time. Now that I’m supposedly a grown-up (who are we kidding?), I’m hoping that this time I’m going to be able to actually relate to it.

3) Light Force by Brother Andrew & Al Janssen

I’ve read God’s Smuggler twice now and both times have changed how I view my relationship with God and other Christians. Light Force is the effective sequel, telling the story of Brother Andrew and the persecuted church in the Middle Ages. If it is anything like Brother Andrew’s other books, I’m hoping for part-adventure and part-inspiration.

4) A Meal with Jesus by Tim Chester

I have a confession to make. I have never read any of Tim Chester’s books. I’m not sure I’ve even heard him speak though I won’t rule it out (I lose track of who’s spoken at Keswick, Soul Survivor, Momentum…). However, everything I hear has made me want to change this. Plus, Tim has written a book about food, about Jesus, and about reaching people for Jesus with food. I’m not sure you could find a better strategy for spreading the Good News if you tried. So I guess I’d better get reading before I host my next dinner party.

5) Popcultured by Steve Turner

So this blog is called CounterCultural. CounterCouture. As you might be able to guess, I love living in a way that is counter to the culture around us. And to be fair, it’s kinda part of being a Christian. However, sometimes we can be so far removed from the culture around us (we can even choose to listen/wear/watch specifically Christian music/clothes/movies) that we forget how to interact with the questions it can pose. I’m hoping that this book will persuade me to turn UCB off every once in a while and speak into a culture I could so easily avoid.

6) Living Without Worry by Timothy Lane

I am a worrier. If I’m not worrying about something then I’m probably about to worry about why I’m not worried. Stores is literally the fuel of my life and not in a healthy way. So when my mum spotted this book, she insisted I buy it. Or she would have done if I hadn’t already picked it up. Fortunately, I know myself and had already picked it up. I suspect it’ll be a good one to read while writing my dissertation.

7) The Unheeded Christ by David Cook

This book has been sat on my bookshelf for so long that I don’t even know if I have read it before or not. It’s not very exciting to look at with it’s brown, slightly distressed cover. Yet there is something in the word ‘Unheeded’ that makes me want to read it. To know this Christ who was not restrained by anything.

8) God on the Beach by Michael Volland

I was recommended this book over five years ago when I was told about the prayer room in a night club. I wanted to make that a reality at UEA. While this never happened, I still kept the book and sat it on my shelf for several years. I’m now fed up of it sitting there, unopened and unread. So that probably means its time to read it.

9) A New Name by Emma Scrivener

One of the latest additions to my library, I asked for A New Name after being introduced to Emma and her husband Glen at Keswick Unconventional. I then checked out her blog and absolutely loved it. So obviously, reading her book is the next one on my list. I have to admit it has been on my radar for several years but I didn’t think a book about suffering from an eating disorder would be relevant. When I heard Emma speak, my opinion flipped and its straight on to my reading list.

Your 9 Books to Read

My challenge to you is to pick 9 books to read and to pick a date to read them by. Whether you pick fantasy, faith, inspirational, adventure, biographies or something else entirely, choose to make 2017 the year you ignite your passion for reading.

  1. Pick 9 books.
  2. Make a list and keep it somewhere you will remember.
  3. Share your 9 books in the comments below.
  4. Get reading!


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