80s vintage chic | Lille outfit 2

Captured in a cage of metal bamboo in Le Jardin Des Geants in Lille. Such a random garden.

This was my second day in Lille outfit. My vintage 80s shirt paired with my ultra-comfy black trousers and trainers created a really laid back vibe of autumnal holidays and lazy weekends just before the cold really comes. I kept my shirt untucked at the back to stop it looking too dated but still styled. Finding that thin line between effortless style and lazy dressing can sometimes be difficult but on this occasion it was simply not leaving the shirt untucked. So half tucked it was. The trousers proved to be a tad bit warm while wondering around Lille but nonetheless a comfy yet stylish update on my vintage shirt. Perfect for wandering around a vintage market.

Shirt: Cambridge Vintage Fair
Trousers: Debenhams
Trainers: InterSport
Bag: Primark

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