70s Child

Sheer 70s vibe
Top: Tu at Sainsbury’s
Bandeau: New Look
Belt and Trousers: British Red Cross
Shoes: Clarks (via Brantano’s)


Beachy waves adds a boho vibe
Necklace: Encore at British Red Cross

First of all, an apology. I took photos for last week’s outfit only to forget to post them. Ooops but I’ll blame that on party-packing stress (more to come on that weekend).

Today feels equally stressful but at least I’ve remembered to post. Today’s outfit is my attempt at looking professional without losing my own sense of identity (how corny does that sound). Then again, when you’re going to the office of one of the nation’s oldest luxury leather goods manufacturers, professional is definitely a look to go for. Yes, I’m reviewing Dents for the blog but as the offices are a short walk at the road I’ve been able to shoot my outfit today too.

My black jeans are Oasis though I actually brought them in the British Red Cross. Despite being proper denim, a rarity in this age of stretchy skinny-fits, because they are black they look smart with a pair of heels. The flared shape of the bootcut adds a real 70s vibe to the outfit which I paired with my sheer purple blouse. I just love it’s slightly ballooned sleeves. And of course I added in a bandeau for some summertime modesty. Let’s just hope it’s professional enough for Dents.

Remember, keep your eye out for my Dents review.

What’s your favourite decade to recreate? Or does it depend on your mood, like me? 

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