#6ItemsChallenge || Week 4

shirt: Marks and SCross || Belt: Debenhams (came with a skirt) Wristband:Wesley Owen

My chosen outfit for wshrinking my wardrobene of my most popular photos on Instagram during the week. It was also on of the outfits that has been the least ‘Me’. I don’t normally layer up my ncklaces and while I like belts, I tend to ignore this woven one as it feels a little dated. I mean, wide belts went out along with most of my A Level notes, right?

This is one of the lessons I’ve learnt from the #6ItemsChallenge, that doesn’t directly relate to fast fashion or the whole reason why I’m doing the challenge. Trends may come and go but style is a personal thing. Wide belts may have gone out of fashion- though FYI obi belts were back on the catwalks- in preference of skinny ones; that doesn’t mean I can’t wear one. Style is about what suits you as an individual and how you express yourself. For example, my belt took me from wearing a black t-shirt and skirt to creating the illusion of a LBD that was suitable for the office.

Admittedly, this attitude can lead to hoarding because everything comes back round eventually? Yes, trends do tend to repeat, though with a twist each time. But as we develop and change as individuals, so does our style. You don’t want to be wearing the same thing as a young professional as you did as a parent/loan-dependent student. This is where charity shops, eBay, Depop, car boot sales and so many other websites and events come in. They are the best place to pick up items that you won’t find on the high street, keeping your style your style. Even better, you can give back by selling your clothes or donating them to your local charity shops.

To celebrate the circular nature of fashion, trends and style, I will be shrinking my wardrobe down after this #6ItemsChallenge. My personal choice when shrinking my wardrobe is a donation to the local British Red Cross (you may have noticed I shop there a lot). 

Don’t forget, please sponsor me for having survived six weeks with six items in my wardrobe. 

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