6 Questions with Gina Lowe

6 Questions with Gina Lowe

This week I’m starting a new series here on the blog. “6 Questions with…” is an opportunity for women and girls everywhere to share something about their passions and lives. (It’s also a fantastic excuse for me to be really nosey and learn from of the some amazing women I’ve met.)

This week I’m putting Gina Lowe in the hot seat. She’s an old friend who has recently started down the mum-entrepreneur road. I won’t say anymore than that. Instead I’ll let Gina explain in her own words.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and where you come from. Paint a picture of yourself.

A little bit about me, I’m a single mum to my beautiful daughter and we live in Wiltshire. Life has not been easy for us and we have been through some really tough times but we have come out of it the other side. I now work part time in a pub and am full time housekeeper, counsellor, dishwasher and business woman!

2. You’ve been working as a Younique Ambassador for a while now. What inspired you to switch careers?

I was broke! Living pay check to pay check, scraping pennies together to buy milk and nappies. The biggest thing for me when I joined this company was being paid every 3 hours! With a toddler, living off benefits and debt mounting up this was my lifeline! Another massive thing for me was actually making genuine girl/mummy friends. After having my daughter I battled hard with postnatal depression and anxiety, I didn’t have any friends and boy did I find the most amazing army of them! The last big thing that made me join this company was what it stands for! The company mission statement is uplift, empower, validate. Wow! Who wouldn’t want to be a part of a company that funds a retreat for women who have been sexually abused as children and new what their mission was before they even knew what products they would release?!

3. What impact has your change in career had on your family and friends?

What impact has it had on us? Well…. where do I start!? The money. The extra money I have earnt from my business has been incredible and has given us so much more than just nappies and milk! We are going to disneyworld Florida this year, by the end of this year I will be debt free and I’m working in giving up my part time job. Me- as a person I’m completely different. I have fine back. I have found my passion and my purpose. I have gone from someone who wouldn’t even open the door to the postie to standing on stage in front of over 100 women in September this year to talk to them about confidence. My whole outlook on life has changed and even my daughter notices the different and she has changed too! I’m so much more grateful, happy and content with everything and I think in turn this alone makes me a better mummy.

4. You clearly love make up and teaching others about it. What is your favourite tip for applying and wearing makeup?

My favourite thing that I always tell all my customers is just have fun! Applying your make up shouldn’t be a chore! I always ask my customers, who do you wear make up for? It’s not for a partner, your kids or your friends, it’s for you! Make up doesn’t make you beautiful or pretty, you already do that just being you! Make up just enhances the beauty that is already there! Have fun with it, play around. Sometimes you will cringe at what you have created and that’s ok but other times you will surprise yourself and love it and that’s what it’s all about. Your face is a blank canvas and make up is the paint, you are the artist- create your own masterpiece!

5. Recently people have begun to realise how much diet impacts your body. What advice would you give for looking after your skin from the inside out?

Diet is so so important! You only get out what you put in in every aspect of life and this includes your body. If you feed your body full of rubbish, fatty food then your going to feel tired and sluggish and your skin will just breakout. Spots, blackheads the lot. A healthy diet reduces this massively, you feel better more energised, and your skin will love you too, you get a healthy natural glow which in turn makes you feel more confident in your own skin

6. What can we look forward to from you over the next year?

Well…. only Mr Universe knows for sure what’s to come for me! My aims over the next year? To pass my driving test, say goodbye to my day job and concentrate on running my business and being a mum full time. I’m going to carry on crushing my comfort zones and working on being the best version of me possible. One thing I do know for sure, I will forever continue in my mission to make sure every woman on this planet knows her worth and how beautiful she really is by uplifting and empowering them in whatever way possible. I will carry on changing lives, one lash at a time 😉

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